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The idea is to Redefine Lucknow, and talk beyond Nawabs & Kebabs. And we’re just getting started!

Our Story:

We are young at heart Lucknowites who have been raised in the land of Nawabs. So, you can’t expect us to be anything less than Royal. We boast of the most delicious non-vegetarian cuisines ever found on earth, we are precisely talking of Kebabs. You have to try them once in your lifetime! They are yummylicious. We love animals. Do we really need to prove it? The Elephants in our city speak volumes about it.

While we were happily growing up, we noticed something: Lucknowites have started embracing modernization like never before. Though, the age-old charm and glory of the city remains intact, Lucknow has certainly moved beyond the monuments and its ruins.

While we have the best of Awadhi Cuisines; We also have Amazing Cafes and Momos Joints.

The monuments croon the tale of its history; Our Hotels and Malls talk to the sky.

We haven’t ditched our Tongas yet; We are equally excited for the METRO trains.

It’s not just Politics that fascinates our youth; We are the new startup destination of India.

Moving from the domes and arches, Lucknow is emerging as a cosmopolitan. We love Lucknow for what it has been, and admire it for what it has acquired.

So, we felt a need of introducing this emerging Lucknow, to everyone around the Globe.

We cater everyone who want to discover all that is fascinating in Lucknow. The sumptuous food to relish, the finest places to visit, the inspiring people to meet, the craziest hangout spots and all that the city has to offer.

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It’s an attempt to redefine Lucknow, from our spectacles.

We are Lucknow Bytes!



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