10 Reasons Lucknow is Better than Delhi

Lucknow or Delhi? Isn’t that a debate that has been going on forever now? Well, before you start taking sides and digging out the best from the city you favor, here is the caveat: the article is not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments; we are here just to speak the truth.

We bring for you 10 VALID reasons that prove Lucknow is far better than Delhi:

Here we go;

1. Life in Lucknow is Relaxed and Easy Going

Lucknow makes you Relaxed

Unlike the hustle-bustle of Delhi, life is Lucknow is relaxed and easy going. All you get to see in Delhi is swarm of people rushing in all directions; while Lucknow gives you luxury of doing things at your own pace.

2. Warm & Happy Go Lucky people

Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Mein Hain

Lucknow has been declared the Second Happiest City in India, and it’s because of its warm and happy go lucky residents. Lucknowites believe is small pleasures and live life to the fullest, unlike the Delhites who busy yearning for lavishness.

3. A perfect blend of Modernity and Ethnicity

Girl Clad in Burqa participating In Bike Riding Event

Lucknow offers a very good blend of comforts of a small city and advantages of big city. Modernization has taken over Delhi completely, while you can still find traces of the old-world charm in Lucknow. It’s not just the monuments we are talking about but the people of the city as well.

4. Less Netagiri & Peaceful Co-existence

Muslim Children Playing Holi In Aminabad

Despite all media eyes glued to the political activities in Uttar Pradesh, you will hardly find its residents indulging in unnecessary Netagiri. Lucknowites have more tolerance than Delhites, any day. People of all communities peacefully co-exist in Lucknow.

Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru even acknowledged the harmony in the city and was quoted saying, “Lucknow was the only city which didn’t faced communal rioting at the time of Independence.”

5. Commutation is Easy & Distance is Less

Char Bagh Metro Station

The distance is short and commutation is easy. You can spare time for ‘Chai-Samosa’ in the morning and hit the ‘Chat’ counters in evening. All they do in Delhi is count hours while commuting. Well, if metro is something Delhi boasts about, Lucknowites already have their ‘metro trains’.

6. Etiquette runs in the veins of Lucknowites

Pehle Aap: The Tehzeeb of Lucknow

Lucknowites are known for their Tehzeeb. People here are courteous and you will find them speaking with utmost respect even with the vendors on streets or rikshawwallahs. There are far less cases of road rage as compared to Delhi and ‘Tu’ is absolutely not our thing.

7. Economical city to Live In

Residential Apartment in Hazratganj

Lucknow is a city where you can afford a decent lifestyle in mediocre income. Delhi may lead when it comes to glitz and glamour but Lucknow is certainly picking up the pace. The rents in Lucknow is less than that of Delhi, which makes the savings More. Lucknow offers almost all the recreation options and you will nowhere feel that you lack luxury in the city.

8. Culturally Rich & Socially Active

Lucknow Mahotsav

The Mushaira, Qawwali, Bait Bazi or Kissa Goi are eminent part of Lucknow’s Nawabi culture. Delhi can never match the way socially active people of Lucknow has kept their cultural legacy alive. It’s not just few socialites coming together to revive the culture, but the socially active people of Lucknow equally participate in keeping their traditions alive.

9. People in Lucknow are Content

Lucknowites Cherish Every Moment

People in Lucknow are content, they do not indulge in frivolous rat race. Lucknow is spared of the deadline pressures since Corporate culture has not completely taken over. While in Delhi life is constraint to weekends, in Lucknow you celebrate life everyday as Lucknowites cherish small happiness coming their way.

10. Lucknow offers best Kebabs

Lucknow is gourmet delight and we are not exaggerating. Delhi may offer cuisines from all over the world, but can it beat the Lucknowi Kebabs? Never! Lucknow offers best Kebabs around the globe and yes, we are proud of it.

The famous adage “Muskuraiye Aap Lucknow Mein Hai” absolutely holds true. If you agree with us, let us know in the comments below.


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